This time I show everything after wrapping the air inlet and outlet pipes with Tundra Seal foam (Rona sells a cheaper version of it with bigger ID which fits the 1-1/2″ perfectly). How the pipes enter into both greenhouses through two plywood boards with two pieces of 1 inch Foamular board (R-5).

Hot air collected goes through a 4 inch ventilation pipe that goes through water in a barrel, exchanging heat with water. A lot of water stored in a total of 12.5 barrels (10 + 2 + 1/2, each barrel holds at least 50 gallons of water) for the bigger greenhouse. About 3 barrels of water for heat exchange in the smaller greenhouse.

In the latter part, I discuss the need to replace the Eavesdropper plastic foam with two types of HVAC filter – will be updated in the next video.

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